Late Night McDonalds, HK Style

Woke up to a chill Friday morning, made some of my granny’s delicious cereal oatmeal for K & I. We got our address proofs and headed on campus for errands and a quick lunch at the canteen.

We finally got our our schedules finalized, and headed to Tiu Teng Leng, a station on the Po Lam line, to run an errand for K’s Aunt Mona. After grabbing some delicious Gong Cha, we walked into Hong Kong Design Institute. The architecture of the place was pretty cool, especially this super super tall escalator to get to the design tower (SID required QQ). It was so cool, K & I huffed and puffed up 8 flights of stairs to ride it down.

We decided to go to Mongkok Langham Place to watch a movie, but apparently Groupon HK requires you to print it out, so GG. We ended up dindin-ing at the BEST Thai place ever, Thai Orchids!!!!! The appetizer, curry, and pan fried noodle was bomb. Totally hit the spot for my Thai craving. However, they switched bills with another table, so if I didn’t question them, we would have had to pay more than 100+ HKD more for someone else’s food.

We explored the mall a little more, when my dad called me during his layover at the HK airport. I hope he has a safe slight to America! After a couple more floors, we decided to go home and chill. Now I’m hanging out at K’s, chatting with his roommates.

UPDATE: Had the best McDonald’s experience so far at the Mickey D’s down in Kennedy Town. Decided to take a walk down with K and his super chill flatmates Nick, JP & Amit. It was quite a stroll – a chill walk down Pok Fu Lam, then down a slope, a dark alleyway with barking dogs on the loose that growl softly and run around you. No lights aside from the feeble light cast from our phones. We stepped out onto a bend, and continued down a dark flight of stairs. After jay-walking and hopping over a few fences, we crossed the street and successfully maid it to McDonalds. I had a great conversation with one of K’s roommates Nick over Big Macs, and on the way back it was interesting to hear why everyone decided to study abroad in Hong Kong. The exercise was refreshing, conversation was good, and I had a great time. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind going to Kennedy Town for some late night Micky D’s often.



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