The Best Congee I’ve Ever Tasted

Today, I woke up with that horrible feeling of a stuffy nose, sore throat, and cold symptoms. Perhaps it was also due to the temperature contrast from China to HK, but to be honest I attribute part of it to the stuffiness of the room. I dragged myself out to the shuttle bus only to see it drive off before me. Great start to the day. 😦

I ran into Vincent & Alyssa at the minibus stop, so we bused it together to campus. Then Alyssa & I walked to Management together, only for me to find out I forgot to complete the personal information sheet that was due. Thankfully, it wasn’t actually collected yet :). I just kind of zoned out and surfed the web in class, until we found our assigned groups. Everyone in my group is a local HKU student, so I’m kind of excited to work with them and get to know them.

I went to the Global Lounge and chilled there to wait for K to get off class. Unfortunately by the time he arrived it was 12:30, which left us merely half an hour before my 1pm class. Therefore, we munched on curry buns/croissant, and I started to feel even more under the weather.

I really like the professor for my 1pm Marketing Class. His name is Baniel, and he is super super nice, cool, and funny. He is also super chill, and likes to crack harmless jokes with HKU male students about their girlfriend status. Pretty adorable! He’s like yea no problem lah, if you get da C+ then you got a problem la. I give 75% As & Bs. Oh btw you don’t exactly have to buy the textbook. So awesome! I feel like Professor Robinson’s BA 106 Marketing has prepped me super well for this class, so it should be pretty easy and enjoyable for me.

I walked to East Gate and minibused it back home, and immediately collapse in bed. From then until 10 30…I was basically delusional and alternated between napping, drama-ing, and sniffling miserably. At 10:30, I received a call from K to come out.

He was so sweet and got me congee! πŸ™‚ It was seriously the tastiest congee ever. The congee itself was pretty tasty, but the fact that it was delivered with love from my amazing boyfriend made it the best congee ever. πŸ™‚ It totally made my day, and made me feel better. Hopefully this cold will run its course soon and that I won’t get anyone around me sick. I also hope I will develop some antibodies to survive the semester….



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