Mellow Mondays

Today, I slept in until 11. From then til about 2 45, I lazed around watching dramas, and completed a bunch of errands.

K and I met up shortly before 3 and set off for Central. Lunch at my favorite Tsui Wah was amazing as usual. My curry pork chop, Egg White almond tea, Bo Luo Yau, K’s steak penne, and classic milk tea = I was in heaven!!!
We went to IFC to admire their lovely perfumed bathrooms with square toilet seats…lolll. Then we ascended the millions of escalators to reach the IFC Rooftop. It was gorgeous! I can only imagine how beautiful and calming it would be at night. We set off for an interesting adventure to complete the day. Lots of exploring and not much commentary, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Me vs. HK

We decided to hop on the MTR and get off at a random stop. We picked North Point, and proceeded to get some herbal Chinese drink with perceived health benefits. Blegh, but placebo effect or not, I feel just a bit more healthy. Just a teensy bit.

We strolled through a very local street market, and decided to hop on a ferry to Kowloon City. Little did we know, we ended up in a huge residential area. We got snacks at the supermarket and played a match of the floating table pucks. I pwned K – 7 vs 2!

Pika Pika Chiu!!

We hopped on the next bus we saw and ended up on Mody Road, in Tsim Sha Tsui. We stumbled upon the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade and Avenue of Stars just in time for the 8 pm Symphony of Lights. It was truly dazzling! We had a lot of fun walking and taking pics.

Symphony of Lights 1.30.2012

Potatoheads at Avenue of Stars

Oink! Meet my twin. My boyfriend is my personal pro photographer!

Jacky Cheung!


We stumbled upon 1881 Heritage, an extremely upscale mall/plaza, and then chose to explore Beijing Road. We ended up at ISquare, where Adrienne, Vincent, K & I were at last time! Here I am, feasting at Toi, Hokkaido Rice Pizza. Really delicious meal 🙂 Today was a good day! Tomorrow, school will start up for me again at 10:30. Woot Woot!

Pirate Boo

Menu of Yummy Foods



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