Intense Friday

Today was probably the shortest yet most intense day ever!!!!

For one, I woke up at 3pm. I totally missed the Business Faculty’s welcome party…fail.

I woke up, revived, and packed. At 5 45, I met Vincent and K downstairs. We had a fail time getting onto minibuses with 3 seats open, so it took us almost an hour to get to Central. We were super rushed to eat dinner and head to the airport for our 9 20 flight to China.

We ate at Yoshinoya, which was surprisingly pretty good! We made it to the airport at 8, and got through checkin at 8 20.

Then we decided to have dinner, since we thought oh, we have 20 minutes. And it was Tsui Wah, which was scrumptious! Malaysian curry brisket, pineapple bun oil, and butter custard pork bun. Mmmmm mmmm mmm!

Little did we know, we had to take a shuttle to the gate! We finished eatting at 8 45, realized our boarding call was at 8 40. Fail! We rush down and wait for the shuttle. It was so intense! We made final call and I am now on the plane.

K and I were super stressed, but laughing hysterically along the way. If we missed our plane, we would have had to tell my relatives “Oh, we missed our plane because we were fatasses and eatting instead of trying to find our gate.” LOL, definitely an experience to remember!



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