HK Thursdays

K and I minibused to Central again and was finally able to meet up with Karen and her friend! I was so happy to see her, even thought she had to rush to the airport. Then, we feasted on McDonalds! It’s pretty ironic that we are in Asia but we eat Mickey D’s so often. But seriously, that Big Mac deal is pretty sweet!

Vincent met us up, and we ventured to TIME magazine recommended piece of old Hong Kong, Lin Heung Tea House. It was truly authentic, as the waiters didn’t speak anything other than Cantonese. We also had to wash our own cups/plates in a bowl of hot water. Thankfully, the food was good, especially the house special pork. It was succulent and tender, with the perfect infusion of sauce and spices. As we left, I grabbed one of their famous lotus buns. We wandered to IFC again, where we attempted to sign up for tutorials via Moodle. Sigh, who would have thought the HKU registration system makes me miss Telebears!!!

We headed back to K’s flat and plan out our traveling plans for the semester. K booked out tickets to Taiwan!!!! 🙂 it’s official, we will be in Taiwan for Reading Week, from March 1 to March 12. I am sooooo excited!!!!! Can’t wait to see old friends and explore parts of Taiwan I didn’t get a chance to back in 2009!

K’s flat mates came back so we chilled for a bit, chatting about random stuff from SOPA to stolen livers in Shenzhen. It was a pretty chill night, and I headed home around 2.

Today, I dreamed that I woke up at ten and went to class. Then I actually woke up. At 2pm. FML. Therefore, I decided to skip more class and headed to campus for my last class of the day, MNCs. Then I headed to Central for some alone time exploring and shopping.

K and Vincent met me up, and we walked around Central. We are at Mongkok Langham Place again, experiencing HK – the food court is 100% packed at 10pm, the place swarming with kids, and people standing around to swoop on seats. All on a Thursday night. Crazy! And the food, especially K’s Pepper Lunch beef, was pretty bomb too.

We are off to the market and some dessert at our favorite Hui Lau Dhan! 🙂



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