Last night, we minibused it to Central and walked around exploring the area. We stopped at Tsui Wah Restaurant for dinner. It was AMAZING…probably the best cha chan teng experience EVER. The Malaysian curry brisket and chicken wings were to die for!!!!

Central - A City of Lights

Best Chicken Wings I've Ever Had


After an extremely delicious and satisfying meal, we decided to explore central on foot and burn off the calories. We window shopped, gawked at interesting displays and unique artwork, and stopped for some authentic “Gui Ling Gao” (turtle black jelly). We scouted out some yummy places to add to our food bucket list, and then I did a little shopping at the “Princess Shop”. The shop was so cute and had pretty trendy clothing. K & the sweet shop owner conversed in Cantonese while I tried on a number of chic items. I ended up purchasing a light blue cardigan and a purple shirt (I later noticed the tag said Forever 21! LOL ), and was a pretty happy camper. We ended up wandering to Soho and going up a million escalators on Shelley Street, taking in the vibrant night life and sights around us, only to walk back down another million stairs…Off we went to Mickey D’s for some chocolate sundaes and a place to rest our feet for a bit.

K & I @ Central

He makes me happy 🙂

Around 12 we headed to Beijing Club to meet up with our friend Stanley, and met Jamie, Kat, Roy, Brendan, and …oops forgot his name :(. The club was pretty nice, although super packed. Stanley booked a table so we gathered around chatting (shouting due to the LOUD music) and sippin’ a HUGE bottle of Moet. The music was decent, so K & I had fun dancing :). It’s been awhile since those Taiwan Luxy/Primo/Spark days! I even found out I actually had met one of the girls previously before at Berkeley; what a small world!

We got back around 3, and I was proud that my tolerance went up (from .5 shot wonder to 1 shot…) since I was only a little dizzy. My flatmates got back a little later, and we ended up congregating in the kitchen all slightly intoxicated eatting ramen and dropping chopsticks. We ended up having a really nice chat before all heading off to knock out.

I dragged myself out of bed to take the shuttle to school for my 9 30am with Arden, my flatmate and fellow Cal Bear. The class seemed interesting enough, and I got a chance to witness first hand the horrible slow servers that get clogged by intense HKU students trying to get into their ideal tutorial times.

I have two more classes today – Management & Sex + Intimacy in Modern Times (should be interesting!). Then I will hopefully successfully find my way to North Point to see Karen before she leaves HK at 6pm!!! Stay tuned! 🙂




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