First Day of Actual Class

Today was my first actual day of class. It was AMAZING – I love it!

Last night I ended up just getting some snacks from 7-11 and came back up to my flat to chill with my flatmates and new friends! It was so diverse, with people from Norway, US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and the Mainland. I truly experienced the essence of a global education. Everyone was super chill and I had a great time chatting with everyone. My roommate Michaela is super sweet, and she told me a little about her recent adventures to Thailand and Cambodia, complete with tips on how not to get scammed.

K’s buddy Thomas invited us to 2am late night Dim Sum, but I was absolutely exhausted. I headed to bed around 2.

My first class, Principles of Management, was at 10:30. My flatmate Kim and I boarded the shuttle (only 2 HKD vs 7 HKD for the minibus!) to campus, and once on campus I was lucky enough to run into my buddy Alex. He directed me to my classroom, and I sat in the second row next to a super sweet exchange student from Japan, Emi. Our professor was pretty funny, and I enjoyed the class. I went up afterwards and introduced myself. I also offered my hand for a handshake, and there was kind of an awkward pause. I guess students don’t handshake their professors here haha, but he shook it firmly and was super friendly.

After I had a bit of time to roam around and check out campus. I grabbed a sausage roll & honey orange macchiato at Starbucks (delicious!) and sat down next to a girl at an empty round table. Apparently its common to just share tables with strangers here. Some korean researchers approached us to fill out surveys, and gave us yummy korean strawberry chewies! The girl and I started chatting, and we enjoyed  a long and amazing conversation. We talked about everything from career to HK to boyfriends! I would love to explore local spots with Emily in the near future 🙂

K & I met up briefly before class and explored the library. We felt so cool beeping in our HKU student IDs. It was pretty cool, and the 2nd floor has facilities where you can watch movies. I will be sure to check those out. Afterwards, K walked me to class. I LOVE MY MARKETING CLASS, FUNNIEST CLASS HANDS DOWN. The professor Baniel is SO adorable & cute & funny! I also found out Steven, a friend I met yesterday, is in the same class! We walked to Starbucks for some more macchiatos, and here I am blogging another post. K & I are off to go find some nomnom eats! Tonight, we are probably going to go clubbing at LKF! Stay tuned.

View from the minibus on the way to my flat!



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