First Day of HKU!

Today was the first day of class at HKU. To me, it was pretty peaceful and extremely anticlimactic. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I didn’t actually attend any classes…

I woke up at 9 30 to prepare for online registration, which opened at 10am. I spent an hour trying to work out the perfect time table and dealing with the system/time conflicts/pre-reqs. It wasn’t as nightmarish as I have heard from other people, but lets knock on wood, since the add/drop period is 2 weeks long and people say they have gotten randomly dropped multiple times.

Here is my schedule!

My Hopefully Successful HKU Schedule

Note the four day weekend, and chill classes like Sex & Intimacy and Management. I had to drop Leadership since it was on Monday AND Friday. The annoying thing was that since I’m in the Faculty of Business & Economics, I have to take 50% of my classes from there. It was pretty hard picking out easy ones from all the Game Theory & Finance & Derivatives 😦

HKU Lions

At about noon, K & I headed on campus to turn in paperwork. We ate a decent meal at the canteen, but were dismayed to realize that all the faculties have lunch break from 1-2, not 12-1 like in the States.  After running our errands, we went to Run Run Shaw building to pick up our HKU Student ID Cards!! I received a call from Muran, an old friend I met 2 years ago in Hangzhou, China. I’ll never forget our GCC Hangzhou delegation, as well as our subsequent trip to Shanghai that summer.

I met up with Muran & Sue at Starbucks, and had a great time catching up and chatting. K found his HKU buddy Thomas, and afterwards we headed to the Student Union to purchase some HKU memorabilia. It was…pretty ghetto and really hard to find. I did pick up some spiffy HKU folders/notebook as well as an HKU sweatshirt!

We took the 970 to Jordan as K conversed with Thomas in fluent Cantonese. I could make out words/meanings here and there, but it will definitely take a while before I am truly conversational. We went to two different AMAZING dessert places for “deng nai”. I was in dessert heaven.

We walked around Jordan, which turned into Tsim Sha Jui. We headed to MTR and handed in our Student Octopus Forms (50% off all MTR rides woot!).  I got home around 8 30, probably the earliest time ever!

I am about to head out for a late dindin. My roommate just arrived, and she seems super sweet. I’m excited!



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