Lamma Island, Central, Mongkok

Today, we went to Lamma Island. It was quaint & authentic, and K, David, Farrah and I definitely made some fond new memories on its streets.

K & I in Central

K & I minibused to Central and enjoyed a quick breakfast at Asian Twist in the IFC Mall. Then we crossed a long blue foot bridge towards the piers. We met up with Farrah & David at Pier 4 to Lamma Island. Although the weather was rather gray, with fog enveloping surrounding skyscrapers, the view was  still gorgeous. The waves were big, so our ferry ride was rather tumultuous. Arrival on Lamma Island immediate gave me a sense of peace.

Lamma Island 1.15.2012

We took in the fresh air and quaint sights, walking along the narrow streets. We ate some dimsum and Lamma Island’s trademark seafood. Not bad! As we passed by some vendors and a very cute dog, K bought me an amazing bubble blower. It was huge and created so many bubbles per blow.

K & I @ Lamma Island Pier

K the Pro Bubble Blower

We went to Tian Hou Temple and prayed. We “kau cim” with the fortune telling sticks. David & K both got ideal fortunes, while Farrah & I were less lucky. The old man looked at my palm and told me that I will have lots of random issues come up in my life. The fortune implied that I will have lots of stress with work. Haha, not the most optimistic prediction, but I prefer to go with the flow and not think too much. I am aware that the career path I picked out for myself is filled with trial and error, and is definitely not a straight line of ascendancy. But I don’t need easy, I just need possible.

We walked around and sampled small eats along the streets. Around 3pm, we took the ferry back to Central. All of us were so tired that we passed out on the Ferry and were the last ones to leave!

4 Sleepyheads on the Lamma Island Ferry

We strolled around IFC Mall, and realized that we needed to exchange money. We opted for Mong Kok due to their good exchange rates, and MTRed our way there. While the rain made it pretty annoying to skirt around hordes of people with pointy and drippy umbrellas, I still had a good time walking around Mong Kok. We had a chance to stop by the street filled with pet stores and see of the ADORABLE tiny puppies, bunnies, and myriad other furry animals. We finally settled on a place for US -> HKD 7.65, and dined at Langham Place for a last dinner before Farrah & David’s 9pm Taiwan flight.

The Fantastic Four, HK Jan 2012

After a quick last dinner, we said our goodbyes and Farrah & David rushed off to the airport. I miss them already!!!

K & I decided to watch our first movie on Hong Kong, The Great Magician. It was hands down the most HILARIOUS and WTF movie I have ever watched! It was super funny but it seemed like half way through a serious movie with some level of suspense and plot, the directors went schizo and decided to go for a standup comedy. It was brainless humor, but still extremely enjoyable. We ended the day with some scrumptious mango & rice ball desserts at Hui Lau Shan, and MTR/minibus-ed back. Tomorrow is the first day of class, so I am sitting here pondering how things will turn out. Stay tuned!



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