I woke up around noon fully recharged. At 1, I met up with K and his flat mates Carson, Amir and Mark. We took the minibus to Central and MTRed to Tsim Sha Tsui. Carson & Amit experienced the relentless MTR doors as they closed between u. Fortunately, we were quickly reunited. We went to TheOne tower, where I met up with Farrah and David, as well as her sister Doris and her aunts.

Farrah, David and I set off to Central to begin our adventure. After some hilarious fails with the BoA tower and trying to track down the 6 bus, we finally ended up in Exchange Square to board the bus to Repulse Bay and Stanley. As the bus made sharp turns on windy roads, I found myself transported into a refreshing world of beautiful natural views, foliage, and peace away from the rumble of the metropolis.

On the way, we passed by hills decorated by cable cars leading to Ocean Park, HK’s premier theme park destination. We passed by Repulse Bay, but due to the weather we opted to stay on the bus to Stanley.

Stanley was beautiful, and such a breath of fresh air from the overwhelming sights and smells of the city. We walked along the promenade and enjoyed the views. A kind Indian family gave me their extra can of bubbles. After taking some epic pictures along the promenade, we climbed up on some rocks over the water. While David ventured a little further, Farrah and I sat on the rocks and chatted. We talked about personal growth, as well as perspective & mindset. The topic of blogs came up, and I explained my news years resolution of trying to maintain a post a day. 2012 is a year of huge changes and discoveries, and I want to chronicle and reflect on them in this personal journal of memories. Through this process, I can exercise discipline and learn more about myself.

RahRah & Na Na, Stanley HK 1.2012

Lam Lam & Rah Rah

After, we walked around the more authentic pockets, settling down to enjoy some ghetto noodles tucked away in a small nook.

Then we took the 73 to Aberdeen, meeting this super friendly couple at the bus stop. The husband Eric was extremely helpful in pointing out the pricing differences for different buses and routes. He gave us so much amazing advice from a local’s perspective on where to go and what to eat. I absolutely cannot wait to try everything on my new list! We chatted on the top deck of bus 70 for the entire ride, talking about everything HK from famous laopobing stores to HK’s astronomically high real estate prices. Their friendliness really reminded me of Mr. Wang, the amazing Taiwanese old man passerby who walked 8 extra miles in Yuan Ming Shan to guide Mike, Chris and I the day I fell into the waterfall. A wave of nostalgia for National Taiwan University Summer 2009 hit me pretty hard as I listened to them.

We took their expert advice and took a free sampan out to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. The view was breathtaking, with spectacular colorful lights and intricate dragons adorned with gold embroidery. We obtained a beautiful window table on the top floor restaurant, and indulged in Peking Duck, honey eel, noodles, and ju-pu tea. While it was my priciest meal so far, the view and the company made it so worth it. Old friends chatting and sharing moments together half way across the world, how precious is that? That feeling is so amazing, its something no money could ever buy.

Jumbo Restaurant

We debated between going up to the Peak & heading to Temple Street for night market goods. We explored Aberdeen briefly and hopped onto the 70, enjoying front row seats on the top deck. It was amazing! Since it was cloudy, we headed to the MTR for Jordan Station.

Temple Street was amazing! We perused the stunning assortment of items from ferrari iphone cases to buddha oil canvases to traditional Chinese Qi Paos. Farrah and I made quite a few purchases. My conquests of the night include a Juicy Couture sling, wallet, panda usb, and two hilarious shirts for K & I. Farrah & David also purchased gorgeous buddha artwork, symbolic of their Lantou experience together.

My favorite is the Dont Treat Me Like Potato One!

We headed to Xu Liu Shan, but unfortunately it was closed. We headed back to the MTR, where Farrah & David headed to the opposite line to return to their Panda Hotel. I put my headphones in, held on tight to my belongings, and did my best to blend in with the locals. I took the MTR to Sheung Wan, 最幸福的事 by 梁文音 on repeat. As I sat there, I experienced a flashback to summer 2010 in Shanghai. I was taking the metro on my way to see someone, filled with emotion and anticipation and completely oblivious to my surroundings. Its amazing how so much can change with time, although I will alway keep those memories and lessons in a fond place.

Phew! Long post, so many thoughts and so much action today. Off to Lamma Island tomorrow, need to do it big for Farrah & David’s last day in HK!




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