Day 2

Another fun but so extremely tiring day in HK.

Last night, after K came back from Orientation, we ventured to Central to meet up with Farrah and David. We strolled around IFC, and took a waiting number for Crystal Jade restaurant, renowned for their little dragon baos and noodles. The wait was quite enjoyable as I got to chat and enjoy some long missed heart-to-heart with Farrah. The little dragon baos that were served were absolutely scrumptious – each fine little piece of heaven came in servings of 4. We ordered 8 servings, along with some shredded raddish cake, spicy beef noodle soup, onion pancake with a special crispy texture, and this really good vegetable with some ground meat. Delicious.

After dinner, Farrah and David had to visit their cousins so we parted ways . K and I headed to Mong Kok in search of plug adapters and bargain goods. As I stepped out from the Mong Kok MTR stop, I was in retail heaven.

The hustle & bustle of Mong Kok

After purchasing some adaptor plugs and getting ripped off buying cute but overpriced 75 HKD Winnie the Pooh shower curtains, I realized that my bargaining skills had gotten pretty rusty from misuse in the States. I vow to turn that around, especially for upcoming trips to China & Taiwan. We walked around, taking in the overwhelmingly intense sights, smells, and signs of life all around us. There never seems to be a quiet moment in the city. People are always moving, pacing the sidewalk, skirting around speeding taxis, scrambling up and down skybridges and underground tunnels.

We explored Nv Ren Jie (literally translated as Woman Street), which triggered intense feelings of nostalgia to night markets in Taiwan. I miss Shi Da Ye Shi & Shi Lin Ye Shi so much!

My feet were so spoiled back in the States, where I drove everywhere and shied away from too much walking. Comfort never seemed to be first priority. After a full day of walking, I was limping in pain by the time we arrived back at Central Station. Exhausted, confused, and slightly lost, we taxied back to our student flats.

This morning, I dragged my exhausted self out of bed and scurried off to Meng Hwa Complex for Faculty of Business and Economics registration. Although the briefing was boring and the lady who presented was rather…interesting, I was proud of myself for finally figuring out the fastest way to find my way to Meng Hwa from my residence.

Today, we opted to explore Causeway Bay. Times Square – Hong Kong was amazing! The first thing we did was feast on Mcdonalds. Ha! We explored the area, and literally toured every floor of the 10+ stories of restaurants and stores. My eyes indulged in all the sights and wares, while my feet cried blisters of sorrow.

Where’s Waldo?

After a brief rest at Starbucks enjoying their surprisingly delicious honey orange macchiato, we were soon joined by our friend Stanley, a HK native, and Vincent, a fellow exchange student. Stanley used his expert advice to lead us to 新記車仔麵, which was delicious noodles at an even more delicious price. We went to Sogo proceeded to purchase a hairdryer as well as a REFILL case + battery pack for my Iphone. Ever since I unlocked my Iphone 4s through Verizon, I have had issues with it being unable to shut off. Also, I was ripped off purchasing an E data plan, which is basically $78 HKD for virtually no connection or data. It was so inconvenient having intermittent wifi signals and being unable to contact friends.

The rest of the night was a blur. We went to Weung Chai in a successful search for adaptors, and returned to Causeway Bay to experience a huge rip-off at Sogo Cafe. We ended the night back at Times Square, where we feasted on roasted pork and dumplings at Lei Bistro.

Tomorrow morning is Orientation for Foreign Exchange Students. I’m excited to meet everyone!



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