First Day in Hong Kong

Today has been a blur. A confusing, hectic, albeit exhilarating blur.

After a long, turbulent plane ride, K and I finally arrived in Hong Kong around 7am. Immigration and baggage surprisingly took very little time. We looked like two extremely confused potato heads with tons of luggage, running around trying to figure out logistics for the Octopus Card and our transportation to HKU.

K and I actually made a great dynamic duo, with him fluent in Cantonese, and me fluent in Mandarin and able to read all of the Chinese words. A good 15 minutes later, we were on the Airport Express, Octopus card in hand. The ride was extremely enjoyable, while K and I quipped at how we will be super obese compared to everyone else. On the way, the scenery was beautiful, from waters to mountains to finally a labyrinthian network of buildings and hustle bustle.

We taxied to our dorms, where we were met by my super awesome and sweet HKU Buddy Alex. He showed us around and took us to where we needed to go all afternoon before his important interview. We trudged up hill and took buses, and trekked all over campus for forms, registration, and instruction. After a quick lunch at the Meng Hwa cafeteria, Alex left for his interview. We were two very lost potato heads, as we wandered from East to West gate.

Many bus rides and foot steps and “excuse me?s” we finally found our way to the Westwood. K and I spent so much time going down the stairs and going up the wrong escalators that we got our workout of the year!! We loaded up on pillows and covers and everyday supplies. We lugged all of this back to the bus, and then back to my flat. Lets just say my poor feet and my semi-flimsy Steve Madden boots aren’t too happy with me…

K is off to his Faculty of Social Sciences Orientation, while I am nursing my poor feet in my flat, having semi-settled down. When K returns, we will go together to meet David and Farrah at the Ritz Carlton for some fun and memories to fill my first night in Hong Kong. 



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