Yesterday, I braved my first night without a laptop, and typed my daily post via IPhone. The night stretched out quite long, making me realize how utterly dependent I am on my technology.

Today was tiring, yet fulfilling. I woke up and rushed to the Bay Area Multilingual Education Speech Contest event I MC for, and after one tofu was forced to perform an impromptu speech in Chinese and English. That was…quite an experience.

Unable to survive without my laptop, I drove to Pacifica to pick up my laptop, and drop off some of K’s favorite QQ ramen. Karaoke and fun filled duets with Elex followed my minitrip.

Jason and I waited for almost an hour for Gokaku, which turned out to be the best sushi I have ever had – scrumptious, unique rolls bursting with different textures and tender sashimi with just the right dash of flavor. I was so glad I was able to catch up with him before my HK experience. After grabbing some Verde for dessert, I had a deep long chat with Steven for hours.

I will really miss all of my friends here. I wonder how they will change when I return in 5 months? I wonder how I will change?



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