Day with BB

Today, K and I woke up in anticipation for our romantic last date in the States until we return from Hong Kong.

We drove to Toast Deli, the Pilipino fusion joint we went to the day K officially asked me to be his girlfriend. Sipping boba from nearby Onyx Cafe, we happily devoured our monster sisig sandwiches.

Then we set out for Livermore for go-kart racing. We had a blast in our spiffy bright red racing suits, and K impressed me with his drifting skills. He came in as champion for the 2nd heat. It was exhilarating and revived my desire to be a speed racer. Ha…

After the adrenaline rush, next on the itinerary was build-a-bear, a belated 9 month present to each other. We each bought, stuffed and added hearts to a stuffed animal. It was surprisingly a super fulfilling, warm and fuzzy activity to do with my boyfriend. We ended up with an adorable white polar bear for me and a quirky happy feet penguin for him.

Shopping followed as we strolled the length of Valley Fair and Santana Row. We ended the night with boba and macaroons in the car.

It was a very memorable, romantic, and overall very happy date. I’m a very lucky girl.




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