Home Run.

I’m back in the Bay, taking a break before unpacking and reorganizing.

The drive back seemed so much faster, possibly due to the slew of hilariously quirky Stephen Chow movies we blazed through. Before we knew it, we were back in the Bay Area. Out of all the places we could have had a pitstop for dinner, K’s aunts chose Berkeley.

It was almost surreal to find myself walking on Shattuck once again with K. Perhaps it was the change of scenery, or perhaps the realization that I will no longer be a student walking these streets when the new semester starts has finally hit me. That at-home feeling that I used to have while trekking to Gregoire’s for potato puffs, Moffit Library for “studying”, and Asian Ghetto for boba is gone. In its place is a bit of nostalgia and anticipation mixed with a hint of sadness. While I will still visit, it will never be the same. After my HKU exchange experience, my undergraduate years will be formally over.

Berkeley remains a beautiful memory. For those of you who still have time left, cherish Berkeley, fight for Berkeley, cheer for Berkeley. Go Bears!



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