Back to the States

I’m unwinding on a fluffy Holiday Inn bed in Eugene, Oregon as I write this post, a bit sore from almost a full day of traveling. I am also stuffed from the best kakuni pork belly ramen I’ve ever devoured, courtesy of Yuzu. This authentic Japanese hole-in-the-wall was tucked in a corner of Beaverton, Oregon.

Our last morning in Vancouver was jam-packed with last minute activities as usual. Goodbye gifts for our warm hostess Auntie Alice, packing, and a whirlwind of last-minute small errands. At last, we successfully visited the long-anticipated Thomas Haas Chocolatiers. K spoiled me with their signature hot chocolate, double baked chocolate almond croissant, colorful macaroons, and an 18 piece custom signature chocolate box. I was in chocolate heaven! 🙂

Signature Hot Chocolate

Macaroon Christmas Tree

Our final stop for lunch was at an aboriginal restaurant called the Tomahawk, directly across K’s grandparents old house. After a hearty meal and lively conversation with Aunt Alice about K’s quirky childhood stories, we bid farewell and embarked on our homeward journey.

This time tomorrow, I’ll be back at home, grounded in reality, blazing through my to-do list.

Thanks for the memories, Canada!



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