Yet another day of merriment in Vancouver. I’m perched on the air bed watching K and his two extraordinarily cute nephews play Garage Band after a plentiful and satisfying home dinner with everyone. They told K I was the best girlfriend they’ve ever met 🙂 Aww!

Today we failed to rise early (as usual), and sleepily piled into the car to have dimsum in Chinatown. After stuffing our faces with yummy little dragon baos and laopobings (wife cakes), we briefly explored the area, including this quaint Chinese antique shop. I fell in love with these star shaped lamps that adorned the ceiling, and purchased several as souvenirs.

Beautiful Star Lamp

Then we continued our movie marathon at the most impressive bachelor pad I’ve ever been to, and enjoyed Harry Potter 7.2 and Star Trek over salsa, chips, and the most chewy brownie cookies I’ve ever nibbled on. We headed back home to enjoy the huge family dinner of lobster, bugolgi, steak, and abundance of deliciousness. I sit here content & stuffed, enjoying a tranquil solo moment.

Of the myriad movies we’ve watched – Frozen, Green Lantern, Mr. & Mrs. Smith to name a few – one movie in particular touched me. It was Soul Surfer, the true story of a young surfer who lost her arm from a shark attack. While the script was cheesy at times, I couldn’t help but be moved by protagonist Bethany Hamilton’s resilience and courage. To be able to accept that her body would never be physically whole again, along with all of the big and small inconvenient truths that followed that fact, in the short amount of time it took her to adjust, is astounding. To get back into the water and surf again mere weeks after her accident, is poignantly inspiring. While I know nothing about surfing and would probably be at a complete loss if I were in her situation, the moral of the story resonates with me. In particular, these quotes from the movie struck me.

“Normal is overrated”. What is normal anyways?

“I don’t need easy, I just need possible.” Life won’t always be easy, and quite frankly I don’t cherish things that I haven’t worked hard for as much anyways.

“Its hard to look at things that are too close”. This was my favorite quote. Perspective indeed defines reality. For me at this moment, coming to Canada with K and his family was the right choice. I am able to become closer with him and bond with people dear to him, but also take a step out of my world. I’ve been fixated on the hustle and bustle of everyday life and checking off endless to-do lists at Berkeley for so long that this change of scenery in every sense has completely rejuvenated me. From this distance, I look into my world through a clear lens. The revelations are riveting.



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