Cheers to 2012

It is now 3:37 am, and I am tangled in blankets atop a droopy air bed in Vancouver, having just watched countdown with K’s adorable extended family. Blasting soothing ballads, I can’t help but look back at 2011 and marvel at the vicissitudes, triumphs and failures I experienced this year. In this year, I pushed myself to become more disciplined and balanced professionally, faced my inner demons and zoomed in on my weaknesses, and met K -someone so very special that he changed my outlook and lifestyle for the better.

On January 1st of last year, I was backstage at San Jose HP Pavillion, finishing my drudgery for Jay Chou’s North America The Era Tour. After counting down with Jay, I distinctly remember my buddies Jeff & Erin hustling off to the after party while I opted to head home alone.  2011’s first moments were spent in traffic as crazy Jay Chou fans blocked up the parking lot exits. Needless to say, I didn’t harbor specific expectations or resolutions for the year at the time.

However, almost every unlikely person I got close to, every random event I decided to attend, every company on Callisto that I decided to resume drop-for, taught me something. Meeting K through attending a friend’s Miss Chinatown Beauty Pageant. Internship recruiting, Case-In-Point prep and that humiliating miscalculation during my first consulting interview with Bain. Road trip to LA & SD and Disneyland with K. Summer Interning at NetApp Inc and befriending Lolah & Amoo. Fights and make-ups with K. Becoming close with Farrah & the “KKK” (Karaoke). Winning 2nd place in TSA and CSA’s Karaoke Contests. Finishing up my Senior Thesis and undergraduate career at Berkeley. These were all 2o11 milestones that shaped and molded me.

As I look forward, I see 2012 opening up several brand new chapters. In 4 days, we will leave British Columbia and begin the 17-road trip back home to San Francisco. In 10 days, K and I will be flying to the University of Hong Kong to begin our last semester abroad. For Chinese New Year, we are flying to my hometown Hangzhou, China to meet my dad and all of my relatives. On May 17th, 2012, K & I will formally graduate from UC Berkeley. In Mid-June, I will launch my professional career with Macy’s Inc.

All of this is overwhelming, terrifying, and quite frankly, exhilarating. 2012, bring it on!












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